Wall Hung

Wall-Hung toilets are exactly as the name suggests - the toilet bowl is mounted onto the wall itself, not on the floor. Like back to wall toilets and are the ultimate in a minimalist look and focal point for your bathroom, The cistern is concealed within the wall, accessible via a flush panel. Because of this compact build and the bowl being suspended off the floor these toilets are easy to clean and creates the illusion of increased space

One benefit worthy of mention with the wall hung style is you can have the height adjusted to suit certain needs like limited mobility

These toilets require mounting onto some form of frame to keep them secure, but correctly installed, they will be incredibly sturdy and solid but do require forward planning. It would be advisable to speak to your installer or architect before choosing a wall mounted WC to ensure suitability. We offer a range of Wall mounted support frames in various sizes that have the cistern and pipework pre-assembled that simply bolt to walls and floors available > Here

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